CRO CROW is the very first NFT on the Cronos Chain.

Edition #1 was minted on block #946, just 1 hour and 27 minutes after Cronos was launched.

Crows can be staked on The Forest for $CRO rewards!


The MAD CROWs are a little bit crazy, I think they are up to something.

There is a total of 3334 MAD CROWs, and the collection includes 22 legendary custom made 1/1s.

They are also the best booster for The Forest, providing a 5% boost.


The crows have built these nests all around the world, even on places where you would think it would be unlikely to find one like a volcanic floor, floating on top of a river, or even on places far beyond the physical realm we live in.

Owning a CRO CROW NEST grants you a free mint ticket for any future mints, and you may also receive airdrops at random.

There is a total of 777 CRO CROW NESTS.


Immerse yourself in the world of 7777 distinct 3D CROWs, each featuring a one-of-a-kind 3D model, masterfully designed by RaulPM.

These 3D CROWs boast attributes that correspond to their original CRO CROW counterparts, so CRO CROW #1 should have the same attributes as 3D CROW #1 and so on.

As a 3D CROW owner, you can import them into The Cronosverse and access the 3D model download via @CROWBOT on our Discord server!


CRONOS PUNK was the second NFT deployed on the Cronos Chain.

The contract was deployed 5 hours after CRO CROW, on block #4257.

This NFT was eventually adopted by the CRO CROW team, since the original team became inactive and the community wanted to move forward.


After the CRONOS PUNK adoption, we decided to give both collections some utility.

A CROWPUNK is created by breeding 2 CRO CROWs together and can only be done if the wallet also owns a CRONOS PUNK.

Each CRO CROW can only be used once for this purpose, and there is a maximum supply of 3500 CROWPUNKs.

CRO CROW Airdrops

Collection of 4 legacy NFTs that were airdropped during the initial launch of CRO CROW:

The Early Discord Crow: Airdropped to the first 777 members of the CRO CROW Discord server.

The Nitro Crow: Airdropped to members who server boosted the CRO CROW Discord server before the project was launched.

The Early Crow: Airdropped to anyone who minted a CRO CROW before the #1298 Edition.

Holiday Crow: Airdropped to everyone who held a CRO CROW during New Year's Eve 2021.

This collection is now closed and no more NFTs will be minted on the contract.


NFTs reserved for special members of the CRO CROW community.



Founder and Dev


Community Manager


Discord Mod


3D Artist